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Work holiday 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ingrid Kroon   
Wednesday, 19 October 2011 12:13

Working Holiday 2011

On October 4th we left for Kenya and just after midnight we arrived at our place of destination. On October 5th we have invited Rolex of the Mackline Junior School to the hotel and made arrangements for the next day. However we immediately were confronted with huge problems concerning internet access, telephone, ATM and to get money in the bank. Most time of the day all servers were out and not possible to withdraw cash or send email. Hence we now mentioned several days in once. On October 6th we went to the Mackline Junior School where we were enthusiastically sung by the children of the school. After several theatrical performances and dances they went back to class and we have seen the site of the school. The foundation was still there and the first classroom with toilet was completely finished and the floor of the next classroom was poured and was ready. Here we had to wait for Raphael for a long time as the promised 30 minutes became 2 hours. Then negotiate with Raphael and Juanita went to the school field to run and sing songs with the children. On October 7th we bought food on our way to the school so a number of children had a meal again. Today was a busy day because 100 bags of cement were delivered, 2400 bricks and a large truck full of grit for the concrete floors and ceilings. The team of Raphael immediately started working with the construction of the second classroom. We also met Raphael and talked with him. On October 8th we visited the family of Eugene and Donna at the Bombolulu centre. Eugene was not there because he had exams at school but Donna was there.  We received the school reports from both so we scan these and add them on the NEK website. After the visit we made a stop at the Mackline Junior School to see if the construction is processing steadily and we were surprised how quickly the people worked. I think we can do a lot this holiday. On October 9th we have met the family of Adam and Issa and the family of Agnes and Bonface. They were all happy to see us and with the new set of clothes we brought for them. On October 10th while the rain came pouring from the sky we visited the Mackline Junior School and provided all children with a T-Shirt/Blouse and sometimes a dress or pants. Everybody was very happy as they could choose themselves as we had quite  a lot of clothes (about 70 kilos). The one thing we have learned is not to bring any black, gray or brown clothes anymore as they all want to wear bright colours so we will think of that next time. Meanwhile the construction of the second classroom was almost ready and they started on the framework of the 3rd classroom floor. At night in the hotel we started to make bags for the children filled with notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser, toothbrush, toothpaste, toy, tissue paper and paper clip with cartoon character. Our entire hotel room was filled again with boxes full of bags. Fortunately the cleaners got used to that so cleaned the room around the boxes. On October 12th we drove with Raphael and Rolex to Mombasa and bought paint for the existing school buildings so that they also has a fresh new tan. Quite an experience to get to the store which sells the paint. We has so much paint that not all of it fit in the car of Raphael and we rented  a Tuk Tuk (with driver) who delivered the remaining paint at the school. During the trip back to school we stopped at the office of Raphael and received the 1st official bill so we can show what has been done and bought with the donated money when we are back in The Netherlands. After that we drove to Mombasa with Joseph and we bought wooden prop poles for the ceiling. You can rent them for 0,50kes each and pay rent 13 times and if you bought them the price was 1,60kes per pole. You must have a lot of patience because when you buy the wood you have to charter a truck yourself. When they load the truck you have to check/count if it matches what you bought and the same is when the wood will be unloaded at the destination. Also checked for wooden planks with dimensions 3x2 and 6x1 and wrote down the prices then to another wood store for wooden pallets needed for the ceiling and also wrote down the prices as we didn’t had money anymore and it’s not an option to pay with PIN in these stores as it takes a lot of time. Once arrived at the school the 3rd floor was already poured so that was good news. Now the people from Stedelijk College Eindhoven could begin with the construction of the 3rd classroom when they arrive.  On October 13th we visited an orphanage called “Sxanzu Good Hope Vision of Orphans” because we had some clothes left. Also some notebooks and pens so now our entire inventory was distributed. Because we could use the ATM again we send Joseph to the wood stores again to buy the 3x2, 6x1 plates and the wooden pallets on a truck. He also needed to arrange that this order was loaded on a truck and brought to the school via very difficult roads. The cars and trucks cannot come to the school site anymore so have to stop a few hundred meters before and from there everything should be unloaded by hand and brought to the school by foot. In the evening we drove to the Reef Hotel and met the group of the Stedelijk College Eindhoven. On Friday October 14th the whole group arrived at 9am at the school. The people from the Stedelijk College Eindhoven received an equally warm welcome with singing, skits and dancing and in the meantime we started cleaning the wall of the 1st classroom with steal brushes. After that we painted all the walls of the 1st classroom in a light cream colour. Joseph our driver also volunteered to help with cleaning and painting and helps really good. Because we already arranged all the materials the people from the Stedelijk College Eindhoven could immediately start building the 3rd classroom. On Saturday October 15th 9am the whole group arrived at the school again and the people from the Stedelijk College Eindhoven continued with construction work and we were busy with the painting. Together with Theo from the Stedelijk College Eindhoven we went shopping and we with our negotiations we had a couple of nice discounts on concrete steel and new hammers. Here we also ordered the paint we require for the drawings at the school. If we continue in this ..... with the build and painting we can look back on a very successful  working holiday were we accomplished a lot. The only issue we have is the weather as it’s raining for almost 10 days now. As we don’t have sand anymore a truck of 21 tons will come but needs to stop 750 meters before the school to unload. Local people will be hired by the Stedelijk College Eindhoven who will bring the sand through the mud with buckets or carts to the school. Monday we will see if this job was done successfully.....


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