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2013 a very successful year PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ingrid Kroon   
Back from the working holiday in October 2013 we can look back on a very successful year. We have done an awful lot this year with the help of all volunteers, donors and sponsors.
In short: the container was completely filled 67m3, transported from Eindhoven to the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam, transported on a containership to Mombasa and from the port of Mombasa the container
was transported to the Mackline Junior School by truck. We completely unloaded the container and stored it all in the shed. In the future practice classes 3 floors were done again including leveling and in all 5 practice classes
the windows were closed on the outside with bricklaying against burglary. 3 new iron doors have been placed, 1 door has been moved and 1 door has been repaired. In the container a new door and window frames have been placed including the welding. By using all the stuff we had brought along with the container we have furnished the 5 practice rooms: Mackline’s Knowledge Centre, Mackline’s Handcraft Centre, Mackline’s Cookery Centre, Mackline’s Library and Mackline’s Recreation Centre. The whole shed has been cleaned-up and stripped of from all the wood that was collected the past 10 years and started creating packages of wood to sell as cooking wood.
After that we renamed the shed into the Mackline’s Technology Centre and started with the establishment: 4 large workbenches, build tables to be placed along the wall, tools have been sorted out and the majority hung on the wall. Last action was to decorate the 5 new classes with furniture, school board and wall plates. The container has been accommodated with sailing on the floor and the cabinets from the office have been moved into the container as the container will now serve as an office and shop (Items that children can create/build during the practice classes can be sold to tourists). For the individual children we have paid the 2014 school fees on the spot which has saved us a lot of bank charges (approximately 350,00 euros). Thanks to everyone who contributed and on to a successful 2014!!

The Board of N.E.K. Foundation.


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