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Donations per 5th of March 2020
€ 4.303,56 

9th year 2019

Total collected € 8.059,25

8th year 2018

Total collected € 6.778,44

7th year 2017

Total collected € 7.157,01

6th year 2016

Total collected € 9.060,81

5th year 2015
Total collected € 12.991,52 

4th year 2014
Total collected € 14.006,80

3rd year 2013
Total collected € 18.200,43

 2nd year 2012
Total collected € 14.814,98

1st year 2010/2011
Total collected €23.031,86


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The N.E.K. Foundation is a private initiative with the aim to stick out our ne(c)k for the children in Kenya. The foundation only works with volunteers so we can give the guarantee all money will be spend to the foundation and it’s projects. Every donated or sponsored EURO will fully benefit the children and/or The Mackline Junior School and childcare. The annual trip of the volunteers is entirely paid out of their own pocket. A report will soon be posted on the website to keep you informed of the activities and results. Donors and sponsors can pay a visit to the school any time they like.

The children from Kenya also deserve to grow-up under normal circumstances and also deserve to have the opportunity to follow proper education. Education should be followed in buildings of stone and not of clay or rusty corrugated. The premises shall be equipped with desks so that students do not have to stand or sit on the floor. Also there should be proper sanitation in the buildings. Besides the basic needs of these children they also have the right for recreation like sports facilities and reading/games library. These children of today will be the future of Kenya.  To guide these children as much as possible we hope that through good education the children can deliver a major contribution to the future of Kenya.

Currently the foundation supports 9 individual children in personal education and school education. Eugene 14 years old (Bombolulu-Rise & Shine Academy), Solvy 10 years old (Mtwapa–Oceanic Greenfield School), Agnes 10 years old (Machakos –Mbiuni Boarding Primary School), Bonface 8 years old (Machakos–Mbiuni Boarding Primary School), Issa 7 years old (Mtopanga–St. Joseph Hermann Marx Primary School), Donna 6 years old (Bombolulu–Rise & Shine Academy ) and Dewelly-Jeremiah 4 years old (Mtwapa–Oceanic Greenfield School). Adam 2 years old (Mtopanga) and Ingrid 4 months old (Mtwapa). In October 2010 we have visited some of the schools from the children above: (Rise & Shine Academy in Bombolulu, St. Joseph Hermann Marx Primary School in Kisauni, and the Oceanic Greenfield School in Mtwapa) to hand out bags to all classmates with a notebook, pen, pencil, toy and 2 lollipops. Currently we have 3 more children on the waiting list a twin and their sister:  Kennedy  and Veronica 8 years old and sister Sharon 2 years old. We hope to be able to send them to a good school also in 2011. To continue to support these children we urgently need donors and sponsors for a single and/or (preferably) fixed monthly contribution to ensure that they can at least finish the primary and secondary school. This will make them better in the tight labor market or perhaps to continue studying. The annual cost of a private school per child is between 200 and 450 Euros which includes uniforms and school meals.

In addition a much larger initiative, the full support of The Mackline Junior School and childcare at the Bamburi Road in Mombasa North. During our stay in October 2010 we met Rolex (Kenyan) and are very impressed by what she has achieved and she also showed us what still needs to be achieved. The saddest part was seeing kids at the gate who are waiting for a spot. Due to lack of money they currently have no space for more children. We have promised to give 200% commitment to her school.

The Mackline Junior School and Childcare was founded in 2006 by Caroline Achieng Nyabenga (also known as Rolex) from Kenya. She started with 4 children by hard work and tremendous enthusiasm the school has grown to 148 children, all aged from 3 to 9 years. She also thinks the children of 10 to 15 years old should not be forgotten. That is why she wants to involve the next level of education but of course  a lot of money is needed for this to make it happen.

Caroline is having a hard time because she can’t provide the school enough books, desks, accommodations, good toilets, uniforms, footwear and many other supplies. To get qualified personnel was the biggest problem but fortunately she managed to find personnel. Since its inception, she always remained positive and committed to run this school as good as she can.

Recently the idea occurred to her to create a Football Academy. The goal is to encourage talents and to keep them busy in their spare time. In parallel, it will prevent that they deal with drugs or come into contact with sexual abuse. The challenge for Rolex is to get sufficient learning materials, such as balls, sportswear, sports footwear and above all a well-trained coach.

We visited the school and Rolex on October 29th 2010 and were very impressed. We were welcomed by all children of the school who gave a singing performance in the hot sun.  After that we visited all classes and gave each child a bag with a notebook, pen, pencil, piece of soap, 2 lollipops, a toy and an orange.

Our own idea is to add a library/game room to the above. So those who are not into sports can be kept off the streets by books or games.

The foundation consists only of volunteers who receive no compensation and are all committed to 200%. They go at their own expense at least once a year (usually in October) to Kenya to visit schools and see how it goes. This means that all the money and/or items collected will benefit the children of Kenya for 99,9% (0,1% to the cost of the website rental, annual fee for the Chamber of Commerce, tax, bank fees etc. So pure cost we can’t avoid).

The foundation has officially been established by notarial deed and registered at the Chamber of Commerce.  These documents can be consulted at the chapter administration on this website. You can also see the income and expenditures to show all money has benefit the children and/or the De Mackline Junior School and childcare. The tax year return will also be published here.

Can we count on your support?

Become friend, supporter, contributor by sending us your monthly recurring contribution to the following number
ING Bankrekening nummer:5992903
IBAN: NL90INGB0005992903

In the name of: Stichting N.E.K. te Grevenbicht. A single contribution is ofcourse also very welcome!




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