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Donations per 1st of May 2019
€ 4.661,31 

8th year 2018

Total collected € 6.778,44

7th year 2017

Total collected € 7.157,01

6th year 2016

Total collected € 9.060,81

5th year 2015
Total collected € 12.991,52 

4th year 2014
Total collected € 14.006,80

3rd year 2013
Total collected € 18.200,43

 2nd year 2012
Total collected € 14.814,98

1st year 2010/2011
Total collected €23.031,86


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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 16:24

June 6, 2011 – Looking back.
We exist for half a year now. We have managed to collect 9138,31 euro’s through flea markets, the website marktplaats.nl, donors and sponsors.

The NEK Foundation website has been visited already for 7836 times since the launch. We are right on schedule. Last weekend the second meeting was held with all three board members and unfortunately we have decided that the container transport has to be moved to 2012. We have good contact with D.P.A. and are still in a negotiation phase in regards the container and it’s transport.  We maintain good contact with the Stedelijk College Eindhoven and still fine tune with their plans for the school. Contacts were established with the ROC for materials that can be used in Kenya. Currently we check if (s)teun (an initiative from Sponsor Europe and is a customized booklet with coupons) can do something for us to win financial resources so we can actually complete the build of the school together with the Stedelijk College Eindhoven. There are three markplaats sites that sell stuff for the NEK Foundation and is now starting to pay off. You see we are not standing still, remain creative and innovative and continue with good courage. Thanks to everyone who supports in any way whatsoever!



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