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Stunners travelling to Kenya

6 students who were in their 3rd year of the Sector Technology went with 4 staff members of the school on a Social practicum to Kenya, to built classroom with a toilet unit. It was awesome! For a good impression please click on the link of our movie.

The school in Mombasa.
The school where we went to help out is called Mackline Junior School. This school lies in a very poor district of Mombasa. Because education is not free in Africa, not everyone can go to school. Stuff that we have like pens and notebooks, people in Africa cannot easily afford this.
The location Avignonlaan
of the Stedelijk College Eindhoven wants to join local initiatives. A lot has already been done on the school which we are going to visit. A well was built and also electricity was set up.


We received great support for this project from various companies and even our own students and staff have been deployed to all kinds of creative actions to raise money for Kenya. We are very grateful, also on behalf of the Mackline Junior School, for all your help!

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1   Link   Kanjers naar Kenia
Videoverslag van hun reis naar Kenia
2   Link   Powerpoint Kanjerreis Kenia
Powerpoint presentatie van de Kanjerreis naar Kenia gemaakt door Stedelijk College Eindhoven


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