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Friday, 10 June 2011 17:06

Cost overview to complete the ground floor of the Mackline Junior School:

Euro 39.000,00  - Brickwork to create 6 classrooms, ceilings, windows, doors, bars on the windows, plaster and electricity;
Euro   1.500,00 – Finishing classroom 1 with windows, doors, bars on the windows, plaster and light (brickwork already completed and the roof has been laid);
Euro   1.500,00 – Septic tank and drain;
Euro   3.000,00 – 2 blocks of 4 toilets and water supply;
Euro   2.600,00 -  Moving of electricity points and equip each classroom with a connection point for a lamp and a socket;
Euro   2.400,00 – Kitchen area with interior, water, electricity and boiling point (it may be that this will be the container we want to buy this year and remodel it);

Euro   2.500,00 – Brickwork to create arches and porch including the finishing;
Euro   2.500,00 – Contingencies

Euro 55.000,00

Additionally required:

  •  School boards, School tables, School chairs, school cabinets
  • Computers/Laptops with accessories
  • Projectors with screens
  • Kitchen Inventory
  • Child Care Facilities

Orphans Care:

  •  Fee of 10 Euros per child per Month
  • Uniforms
  • School shoes with matching socks
  • School Bags

In the longer term required:

  •  Sewing classes
  • Woodworking class
  • Welding classroom
  • Sports class


Already invested by the Stedelijk College Eindhoven:

Euro   3.000,00 – Foundation for the 7 classrooms;
Euro   2.500,00 – Brickwork for the creation of classroom 1;
Euro   2.500,00 – Ceiling of classroom 1.










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